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5 Ways to stop Animal Suffering

1. BECOME A CARING CONSUMER. The easiest way to stop contributing to animal suffering is to shop cruelty free! There are lots of websites like Leaping Bunny where you can find out if your favorite products make the cut. If you want to take your caring consumerism to the next level consider going vegan! Animals on factory farms are subject to unspeakable cruelty. By going vegetarian, vegan or even cutting back on your meat intake you're helping to end animal suffering.

2. WRITE A LETTER, SIGN A PETITION. Write a letter, once a month, to your elected officials, industry executives, and newspaper/magazine editors regarding animal issues. These letters not only let the media know you feel animal issues are important, you are also helping to educate the readers. Online petitions have become popular thanks to social media but never underestimate the power of good old fashioned hand written petitions. These carry weight with law makers because they know the signatures come from local potential voters. 3. SET ASIDE 2 HOURS A MONTH. Dedicate yourself to any local animal activity such as pet adoption, tabling, rallies, fundraising, or campaigning for animal rights. Everyone can spare a couple hours right? By committing time to animal groups you are not only helping animals you are helping the groups who dedicate their lives to saving animals. If you can't commit to physically going to events, reach out and offer to help with social media, website or other things you can do from home. 4. LEAVE A TRAIL OF LEAFLETS. Promote cruelty free living by leaving leaflets at local markets, laundromats, waiting rooms, coffee shops, etc. You can buy or download leaflets online or get creative and make your own! 5. REPORT ANIMAL ABUSE. Document & Report animal cruelty whenever you see it. Cruelty and abuse come in many forms. As society becomes more compassionate towards animals laws will continue to get stricter. Familiarize yourself with local ordinances and state laws so you know what to report. If you see abuse taking place try to get pictures and videos while still being safe.

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