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Nevada Cruelty Laws

The more we can come together as a community the more we can help animals in our neighborhoods.

Animals are abused and neglected not only by individuals but in pet stores, swap meets, zoos, amusement parks, etc.

If you see animal abuse or neglect please report it to Animal Control.

File a report with the Animal Control Department for the City or County the incident occurred in.

Clark County Animal Control  455-7710
City of Las Vegas Animal Control  229-6444
North Las Vegas Animal Control  633-1390
Henderson Animal Control  267-4970
Boulder City Animal Control  293-9283



If there is an injured animal or an animal running loose in the street or on the freeway CALL 311.

This is the non-emergency number which you can use to report any animal crisis. They will check the location and  put you through to the proper Animal Control Department.

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